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tree of life

How can we understand Deep Ecology?

Deep Ecology Fellow Stephan Harding recalls a special and memorable walk with philosopher, activist and teacher, Per Ingvar Haukeland.
tree roots

Dr Andy Letcher: How can engaged ecology help us?

It is only by examining our relationship with place that we can begin to try and tackle the many challenges facing us in the 21st century and beyond.
flooded Britain

Is the word sustainability still meaningful? by Dr Pavel Cenkl

Head of Schumacher College Dr Pavel Cenkl questions whether we can still use a word like 'sustainability' when it is being increasingly misused - often for commercial gain.

Breaking New Ground by Stephan Harding

Finding unexpected beauty can bring great pleasure but sometimes it can bring with it a greater insight.

Could Brexit provide an opportunity to re-imagine our food sytems?

Leaving the European Union may present many challenges but it could it also bring opportunities to re-think out-dated food systems?
Native american hands

We need sustainability education that acknowledges ancient wisdom says Stephen Harding

Incorporating the ancient ways of knowing from indigenous cultures with our scientific knowledge will create a better understanding of how to care for our planet.
Polly Higgins

We need to continue the legacy left by Polly Higgins says Jonathan Dawson

The death of Polly Higgins, the barrister who fought to have ecological damage recognised as a crime against humanity, is a tragedy on so many levels writes Jonathan Dawson.
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Indigenous wisdom has much to teach us says Jonathan Dawson

In a second blog from the Findhorn Climate Change and Consciousness conference Jonathan Dawson finds the story and rituals of the indigenous wisdom holders have much to teach us about care for the Earth.
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Is change finally coming? Jonathan Dawson feels a new mood of hope

In the first of a series of blogs from the Climate and Consciousness Conference at Findhorn, Jonathan Dawson senses a growing momentum and power in the social movements fighting for a revolution in our relationship to the Earth.