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Will Copenhagen climate summit succeed?

BBC Radio 4, Today programme / The World Tonight
10 November 2009

In the lead up to December’s crucial climate conference in Copenhagen, The World Tonight co-hosted a conference of experts with Royal Society and the Royal Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House. Robin Lustig presented the programme from Chatham House. He asked if Copenhagen will provide the solution to climate change and if not, what options are available that could have an impact? To discuss the significance of Copenhagen Robin Lustig is joined by Professor Steve Rayner of Oxford University, Mike Hulme Professor of Climate Change at the University of East Anglia, Cleo Paskal of Chatham House and Chair of the House of Commons Select Committee on Climate and Energy, the Labour MP Elliot Morley. Listen to this programme through the BBC

Inga Page, Programme Manager, Schumacher College: This is an interesting discussion involving politicians, academics and policy experts. None of them take as radical approach as most of the Schumacher speakers, but it gives a good and very current sense of what the informed mainstream is thinking about ways to address climate change in general, and the outcome of Copenhagen in particular.

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