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Wild ideas at Tagore Festival 2013

lou rainbowIf you wanted to see something different and get a taste of a true festival vibe then you would have found both at the ‘Wild Ideas flourish at Schumacher College’ tipi tent at this years Tagore Festival.

In the celebration of the life and work of Rabrindrath Tagore, Schumacher College brought an exciting mix of art, spirit and nature to the Tagore Festival along with a nice cup of chai tea and a slice of Julia’s delicious homemade cake.

Schumacher College provided the Wild Ideas tipi tent and a What if…? programme of stimulating talks packed full of ideas, questions, debate and celebration including Rob Hopkins, What if we just did it? based on his bestselling new book The Power of Just Doing Stuff and Caitlin Shepherd asked What if we feasted from rubbish? Ruth Potts asked What if we fell in love with the material world? and Satish Kumar’s What if education happened in the trees?

The What if…? talks were inspired by the poem written by poet and playwright Lemn Sissay on his return from a trip to Antartica. What If? is a powerful examination of the direction that ‘evolution’ has taken, contrasting views of city life with shots of the fast disappearing Arctic regions. The film asks what if we got it wrong?

The Wild Ideas tent soon became the hub of the festival and became very popular hang out with people lounging on cushions and rugs, chatting with friends, playing music and watching and often taking part in the What …if? talks.

You could even see Tagore perform twice a day in the trees behind the tipi tent. Crowds gathered to hear the uplifting songs and poems of Tagore performed by the wonderful Felipe who has a startling resemblance to the man himself.

It was a brilliant opportunity for the College to run a progamme of talks at a wonderful festival and many thanks to Ruth Potts for her ‘Wild Ideas flourish at Schumacher College’ programming ideas and Jude Wright for her vision and passion, Julia and team for their amazing cakes our wonderful band of happy and helpful volunteers!