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What is Economics? - A poem

by - Della Duncan
Economics For Transistion Student, Schumacher College 

What is Economics?

Economics is our relationship with ourselves, 

How we use our time, what we do for leisure, our pace,

Our ratio of being to doing,

Our connection to our passions, our hobbies,

That which we can call our own.

Our locus of control,

Our sense of self-worth, 

Our relationship with time, seasons,

How we define our identity,

Our past, the quality of our present, how we envision our future.

Our freedoms, our constraints,

How we meet our needs,

Our role in society, our mythopoetic identity.

Economics defines and limits our power, our status.

Economics gives us voice, votes.

Economics is our relationship to each other,

Whether we see each other as collaborators or competitors, separate or interconnected.

Economics is our level of trust and the quality of our interactions,

How we manage our housework, our child rearing,

How we care and get cared for,

What we give and what we get,

Economics is our relationship to Earth,

Our connection to land,

Our sense of belonging,

What we build and how we build it,

What and how we eat, where our food comes from, and what happens to our waste.

Whether we see the natural world as a supply house or sewer,

A battlefield or lover,

An animate being or our larger Self.

Economics alienates, subjugates, co-creates, and empowers,

Economics is myth and fact, crisis and opportunity, alive and lifeless,

What is not economics?

Economics is not simply the bottom line, the marketplace, the true cost, or the bank note,

It’s not our first kiss,

Our dreams, 

Our death,

Or the conversations between trees. 

Economics is how we make meaning.

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