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The Healing of an Archetypal Wounding of Humanity

Through a series of vivid visions occurring over almost a year’s span, it was made known to me, in some detail, that what was named as an “Archetypal Wounding of Humanity” can be healed. As with all true healing, it begins at the origin, at the root, in the Spiritual or energetic realm. In this case it begins with ceremony. This ceremony is, above all, a Reconciliation and a Re-Membering, an opportunity for Reunion between the Masculine and the Feminine, between Men’s Nation and Women’s Nation, and between the artificial separation between Indigenous and European descended. In other words, this proposed ceremony is a possibility for Thriving Life Design to become fully functional within our humanity once again, throughout this world and along the lines of time. 

The Archetypal Wounding I speak of occurred during the 200+ years of the so-called “Witch Hunts” which took place throughout Europe, and eventually were brought to what is now known as the United States. Its legacy continues to manifest as deep misunderstanding about our Masculine and Feminine nature and as a war between Men and Women, the underlying components of literal Creation. With this wound so active in our deepest center, it will be difficult to meet this time of transformation, evolution and change as a species. How do we create ourselves anew when our understanding of our masculine and feminine nature – within which lie our procreative abilities - are misaligned to the point of being disabled?

A Re-membering process was also shown to me, at first to save my own life, but then expanded to show specific steps for addressing this wounding of humanity. It involves calling upon Indigenous women, from around the world, to come and speak the Truth of “who the Woman truly is.” This is to be spoken from the reality of what many Indigenous peoples know as “the Original Instructions.” These instructions were given to Peoples throughout the Earth by Spiritual means. 

By asking these women to speak from this Truth from their people’s knowledge, and then together spiritually anchoring our Re-membering in ceremony, I was told, that we can initiate the deep reconciliation of the separations that took place in Europe and that still deeply affect our European sisters and brothers in particular, but the rest of humanity as well. “Then together you will turn to heal Men’s Nation.” What is being offered is a healing taking place at humanity’s very core.

We plan to bring this Re-membering ceremony to Devon, England, the Cathar region in southern France, the Berlin area in Germany, and the Rome area in Italy. Traditional Indigenous women from Canada, the United States, Mexico, South America, Africa, Indonesia, India and Australia are being asked to participate. The ceremonies will run from April 21 through May 15, 2016. 

While I feel absolutely clear on the truth and the power of what was shown to me, and on the way these ceremonies will transpire, I also am very clear that it will take a great recognition and opening on the part of many, many people from very different cultures and life-paths to see this potential, this possibility, be fulfilled. But maybe that is exactly as it should be. Prophesy said that one day the world would get lost, and that it would hunger for the Truth of Thriving Life once again, and at that time, the pieces of the Original Instructions, that had been safeguarded for all this time, would be brought out once again. I always felt that those prophesies were distant and nebulous, I could not really imagine what they would look and feel like in the modern world. Perhaps, they would look and feel like this.

Many choices lay ahead for each of us. Things cannot remain the same even if we wanted them to, though feeling our misdirection and the restlessness of the inevitable upon us, many of us would not have them remain the same at this point anyway. The fork of radical action will come to each of us at some point now. Acting on this possibility of great portent, heart and soul, is that fork for me and for several others at this time. I can see my whole life has been a preparation for this possibility. My spiritual guidance has impressed upon me that my understanding of cause and effect from modern world perspective is “rudimentary.” I asked to be opened to the other possibilities that I, as human being, am capable of reaching for. Receiving and acting on this guidance is a response to a Cause and Effect that has slowly and steadily been coming into my awareness and actions.

With all good thoughts, for Life, Light and Love, and the upholding of the profound honor of being Human Being, for the next Seven Generations of all life,

Weyakpa Najin Win, Woman Stands Shining, 
Pat McCabe


For more information on the Human Reunion 2016 Ceremony including how to participate and special dates, visit the thriving life website.

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