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Prince's School of Traditional Arts Welcomes Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar at Schumacher College

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts is delighted to welcome Satish Kumar as part of our lecture series this year. Satish is the current editor of Resurgence Magazine in addition to his lifelong work as an activist for peace and environmental preservation.  

On the topic of his lecture he writes, "In ancient times, in traditional societies, people were makers.  They used their hands to transform ordinary clay into beautiful pots, wood into furniture and many other materials into objects of beauty and function.  More or less everybody, knowingly or unknowingly, used their imagination and creativity.  This was true in tribal societies as well as cultures such as those of India and China.  Now we have become mere consumers and the consequence of this is frustration, meaninglessness and anxiety. Perhaps the time has come when we should return to our natural state of being makers again."

This lecture is made possible by our new partnership with the Bagri Foundation, who are generously supporting the expansion of the Asian arts component of the Open Programme.

Satish Kumar will also be part of a panel discussion organized by the Bagri Foundation entitled India and the Environment: Past, Present, Future. This programme will take place at Asia House, London, 6:30-8:00 PM, Thursday 11 June. Click here to purchase tickets.