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Om Shanti - Lou Rainbow

The Om Shanti fundraising supper at Schumacher College on Saturday night was a truly impressive event and a huge success!

Guests wore the most exotic, traditional and original Indian dress and were greeted with ginger martinis and spicey canapés, they were bedazzled by the mesmerising Kathak dancer Jaymini and her wonderful musicians, and serenaded to by our writer in residence, Martin Shaw with great readings and stories from Rumi and Tagore…

Our 60 guests were absolutely enchanted by the evening and we had generous donations and auction bids totaling around £18,000 for the event which is incredible!
Everybody’s taste buds were delighted by 5 star Indian banquet of fragrant spices and mouth-watering flavours from the East.

Later, students joined the party and danced the night away with guests with the truly awesome Bangra DJs, Judge and Jeevan the who rocked the house until 2pm!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this one of the most spectacular fundraising events the College has ever seen.


Om Shanti!