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November in Brazil - Juliana Schneider

The first ‘Schumacher Experience Brazil’

Over the last 25 years Brazil has been the country with the largest number of participants coming to the College (outside of the UK). This November there is the chance to participate in an experience that recreates the Schumacher ethos in a completely Brazilian context. The week from 31st October to 4th November brings together Brazilian alumni sharing their practices, which have been inspired by their time at the College. This is being led by our Co-ordinator in Brazil Juliana Schneider (MSc Holistic Science 2011/12) along with Mari Turato (MA Economics for Transition 2012/13), Tomás de Lara (Enterprising Futures 2012), Luiz Gabriel (college volunteer and facilitator 2013), and Denise Curi (college volunteer-coordinator 2012/13). Claudia Mattos (Awakening our Relationship with Food 2010) will be running the kitchen and enabling the joint cooking.  The week takes place at an organic farm called Toca Farm near Sao Paolo and in partnership with its education centre called Toca Institute. The themes include Economics for Transition, Complexity (learning through Tango) and Deep Ecology (with a Deep Time Walk). Schumacher tutors Stephan Harding and Tim Crabtree will participate via skype and Patricia Shaw will be joining the group in person for the last 2 days. The main aspect of this learning experience is, as it is at Schumacher, the living and learning together as a community of inquiry.

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Politics and Complexity

Another opportunity for Brazilians in November is to join the conversations around Politics and Complexity, organised by another alumnus of the college Izabella Ceccato, Founder of Eco Rede Social, with Juliana Schneider and Sao Paolo politician Ricardo Young.  They have invited Patricia Shaw, Schumacher Fellow, to bring her ideas and experience into this conversation which has been growing since Ricardo came to the College in February this year to join the Working Live course that Patricia was leading.

Patricia will be in Brazil from the 2nd to the 9th of November and besides meeting key people she will be giving 2 workshops exploring the legacy of the last century from which our own times developed and the warnings and the great hope this may offer us, looking at the new understandings of the complexity sciences and the work of political philosopher Hannah Arendt.

All this activity and more has been growing since October 2013 when Jon Rae, Head of College, and Patricia Shaw, spent 10 days in Brazil hosted by Mari Turato and Juliana Schneider and sponsored by Institute Arapyaú under the direction of Pedro Leitão.  During that time, they met many alumni in São Paolo and also joined a weekend gathering in the countryside, a town called São Francisco Xavier. In the last day of their visit they met Ricardo Young, who is currently a politician for the city of Sao Paolo. Ricardo has been involved for many years with the theme of sustainability and has been bringing experiments in dialogue to the legislature. At the lunch they shared, the need for a different kind of politics arising from the new understandings of complexity and the idea of offering an education in this field began to glimmer. This visit will continue to make those ideas more concrete.

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