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News From Brazil : April

News From Brazil: April 
by Juliana Schneider  

This year's Schumacher inspired activities in Brazil have taken many forms. Here's a taste of what is happening...

Certificate in Holistic Science and Economics from Transition  - Brazil 2015

Inspired by the amazing work in Colombia, we launched at the end of last year , the Brazilian Certificate in Holistic Science and Economics from Transition,  starts in May. We received 30 applications and have now completed our group of 17 participants who are about to start this experience together. During the weekend of the 10th to the 12th of April the teachers responsible for each module came together at the Serrinha Farm and Nature Reserve - where most of the residentials will be taking place. On the last day we welcomed at the Farm the wider group of guest teachers, staff of Escola Schumacher Brasil, and hosts at the farm for a day of cooking, walking and exploring the land we'll be interacting with during this journey. During the days of the first residential in May we will explore with the participants the qualities of the pilgrim soul and what it means to start walking/learning as pilgrims together. Of course Satish Kumar will be our inspiration as we tell one another his story and the coming into being of Schumacher College as a place for meeting and inquiry, as well as getting in touch with the story of the beautiful land where we will be.

Alumni Gatherings

Throughout 2014 we convened monthly gatherings for the network of more than 200 alumni, besides their friends and other people who felt called to join us. From these gatherings in Sao Paolo many friendships and collaborations have been formed. This March we gathered at Espaço ZYM, the cosy restaurant of alumnus chef Claudia Mattos. Amongst alumni and others who'd never been to Schumacher, a real exchange happened as we spoke of how we'd each come to be there and found ourselves surprised by the many threads of unexpected connections that kept revealing themselves to us. 

Another gathering, still in March, happened in Rio de Janeiro, the second city with more alumni in Brazil after Sao Paolo. More than half of these alumni met to share food and get to know one another. We also organised an 'open talk' where we spoke to around 40 other people what a day at Schumacher looks like, as well as the unfoldings in Brazil. This happened at a co-working hub called Arca Urbana and with the help of alumnus Felipe Cunha (MA 2013-14), and contributions from Isa Graell (Systems View of Life 2014) and Clara Fischer Gam (volunteer 2014).

Coming Soon - Leadership for Transition 2015

Soon to be launched is the Leadership for Transition programme 2015, following last year's first edition. This is a programme for Brazilians and combines a one-week residential at Schumacher (in September) with two days monthly meetings in Sao Paolo for three months - learning, cooking and sharing meals together. We will be exploring the key themes taught at the College in relation to the question of leadership and what it means to lead for change. The Transition Towns movement is one of the local experiments we will get to learn from - both in Totnes as well as in Brasilândia, a favela neighbourhood in Sao Paolo.