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New book by College Fellow finds major American publisher

Stephan Harding

Dr Stephan Harding, Deep Ecology Research Fellow at Schumacher College and one of the college’s founders has just heard that his new book Gaia Alchemy, will be published by Bear and Co, in Vermont, USA.

Bear is a significant publisher who will give the book the best chance of wide distribution in North America and beyond. In this ground-breaking book, Stephan pioneers a powerful way of connecting to nature by combining the science of Gaia with the depth psychological imagery of the Western alchemical tradition so that we are better able to help heal the global crisis. The books draws on Stephan’s 30 years of teaching and research at Schumacher College on the themes of holistic science, deep ecology and Gaia theory as well as on his deep immersion in alchemical psychological understanding.

“We destroy nature because we believe that it has no soul”, he says. “This book attempts to forge a symbiosis between science (Gaia theory) and soul (Alchemy) so that we treat our Earth and all her beings with the deep reverence and respect due to a living entity of planetary proportions. I am thrilled that this work will be on the list of such an excellent publisher who also publishes the inspirational books of my friend and fellow Schumacher teacher, Stephen Harrod Buhner.”

Stephan is currently on research leave, but has been a key figure in the development of Schu’s Holistic Sience MSc. Applications are currently open for January 2021.