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Green Entrepreneurship and the World Wide We, by Dr Joanna Brown

During the last year, whilst working part-time on Open Learning at Schumacher College, I’ve set-up the World Wide We (WWWe) Foundation with the aim of developing a social networking platform for people working for social and environmental change. It stems from over ten years experience of working with large scale movements for change, at both a local and national level.

I remember the day two years ago when, on finding evidence of the need for such a platform, I sat wondering how I could turn the idea in to reality. It was then I heard that the Devon School for Social Entrepreneurs was about to be launched. It was perfect timing! I went on to attend the School for a year, becoming a fellow in December 2010. It was a very refreshing experience… instead of lots of theories, book work and examinations, we learnt from talking with experienced social entrepreneurs and putting our new found knowledge into practice. It gave me the insights, confidence and community of fellow entrepreneurs to enable me to take my ideas forward.

Sunday 09/10/11 is the official launch of the project and when the website goes live. You can visit the site at: At this stage WWWe is looking for people to:

Sign Up and Spread the Word (to generate a critical mass)
Share dreams and stories of hope
Donate towards the development of the platform

Why not drop by, sign up and join in?!

14-25 November, 2011 – Schumacher College is running a two-week short course in partnership with Devon School for Social Entrepreneurs Green Entrepreneurship in Action. The course is filling up so book soon to avoid disappointment.

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