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Forthcoming Events in Brazil

Schumacher Experience Brasil  (20th – 24th Nov)

Running for the second year, this 5 day course will combine the core themes of Schumacher College such as Economics for Transition, Complexity Theory (learning through Tango) and Deep Ecology (with a Deep Time Walk). The week brings together as teachers the Brazilian alumni Mari del Mar Turato, Juliana Schneider, Denise Curi, Tomas de Lara and Luiz Gabriel and will include the online participation of Schumacher tutors Patricia Shaw and Stephan Harding via skype. The Schumacher Experience Brasil will happen at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (, between the states of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, a farm that grows organic coffee and has helped to encourage organic production amongst small producers in the region. More information and applications at


A weekend course with Patricia Shaw (30th Oct to 1st Nov)

 STAYING ALIVE – Participating in the Flow of Events is the name of the 2 day course which is about to happen near Sao Paulo, at Sitio Gloria ( This is a chance for alumni and others in Brazil to learn with the teacher and Fellow of Schumacher College, Patricia Shaw.  The weekend is an invitation to those whose work in the world requires them to be able to ‘stay awake’, responsive and creative in the midst of fast changing circumstances. Patricia says “Our purpose will be to encourage each other to become fuller participants in the world, ones who the great writer and teacher Hannah Arendt might recognise as ‘citzens of the public realm, venturing forth in speech and deed, in bonds of trust with their fellows’.”  All places booked.


6th of December with Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is joining this years’s students of the Certificate in Holistic Science and Economics for Transition Brazil for their last residential. His visit to Brazil will bring people together to celebrate the 1styear of Escola Schumacher Brasil and the many people who have been working together to make such activities possible, besides the alumni who joined courses and programmes offered throughout the year. In partnership with other institutions in Sao Paulo, there will be the chance for alumni and others to join Satish as he gives a talk on the theme of his latest book ‘Soil, Soul, Society’.  More information soon at

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