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Climate Marathon is underway!

In anticipation of next November’s COP26 in Glasgow, Schumacher College and the Dartington Trust are hosting a month-long Virtual Marathon in October 2020. The original 2020 dates for COP26 have been postponed until November 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19, but we want to keep the work of the many international partners in the spotlight and carry momentum forward with this campaign. We've brought together some of the worlds leading long-distance runners and walkers, including our college co-founder Satish Kumar, to be ambassadors for as well as participants in the campaign.

The challenge is now underway, but you can still join in – just sign up via the next available date in the ‘Book Now’ section on this page. You'll then receive our weekly email updates and motivational support throughout October. Then share your intention to complete 26 miles of running or walking each week this October on your social media platform of choice, tagging in five friends you think might also be up for the challenge. You can join the growing Climate Marathon community in our Facebook group and Strava club too.

The idea for the campaign came from our Head of College, Pavel Cenkl, and you can read more about his thinking that led up to us launching the Climate Marathon here.

If you are interested in the Climate Marathon, you may also like to find out more about our new MA in Movement, Mind and Ecology, starting in September 2021. The course is, we believe, the first MA programme to give students the opportunity to explore thier physical, corporeal engagement with the world, through activites like runnig and walking, in connection with the diverse threads of ecophilosophy, mindfulness, and ecological thinking.

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