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Changemaker's Life in Transition

Ruth Cross, artist and changemaker, spent a year volunteering a Schumacher College in 2013-14 where she met her wife Maria Llanos del Corral and other students from around the world, who were to become her beloved colleagues and co-founder of transformative learning for action residency programme Eroles Project. What we want to share with you now though is another project of Ruth’s; a creative letter project that she’s been quietly working away on for many years and which is now ready to be shared in community screening and laptop screens around the world.

Ruth said “After hosting Post Present Future, a project where people write a personal letter to their future self, for almost 10 years of my life I can honestly say it has shaped me. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when I experience people reading their letter from the past.  More than 5,500 people have sat at my little antique writing desk (that I bought in Newton Abbot reclamation centre, close to Dartington for £10 back in 2009). These thousands of letters, and their writers, have shown me the commonality of what it is to be human. I want to find a way to share this with others. I believe film is the perfect way to share the intimacy with a global audience so I've begun a collaboration with film director and Schumacher College alumni Ayla van Kessel and producer and Schumacher volunteer Hannah Sneyd, along with Transition Network and documentarians around the world to make a feature film based on Post Present Future."

Life in Transition will feature changemakers from Denmark, Brazil, Estonia, the UK, Spain, Australia, Italy, USA, who wrote to their future self back in 2012 at a Transition Network conference held at the Battersea Arts Centre. As always with Post Present Future, the letters will be returned after five years, in this case September 2017, but unlike usual they'll be hand delivered to their owner wherever they are around the world!

The film will feature these people reading their letter, and sharing their joys and challenges of envisioning and enacting a brighter and more resilient future for their local communities.

The film is to catalyse action and active reflection worldwide through people powered community screenings at festivals, schools, businesses and town halls. We will design a participatory pack to stimulate post-film reflection and dialogue.

The project is designed to follow the Transition Network principles ie. low carbon, high collaboration; meaning we won't be flying to each country, but instead working with teams of local filmmakers across the world.

A crowdfunder to make this project happen you can read more by clicking here.