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Business for Good - What is the edge now?

Article by Chris Nichols
Ashridge Business School

It’s not been a great week for sustainable and responsible business.  The VW scandal has left trust in eco-intelligent motor design promises in tatters. In the same week, Hilary Clinton has taken a strong stance against “outrageous price gouging” and “profiteering” by drug makers, and pledged to make action on this a central plank of her Presidential bid.

 Is there hope for business that does more than simply exploit for cash?

Is there any sign of genuinely sustainable, ethical and responsible business?

 Our upcoming workshop says there is – though it's still a hard road - and we bring together some top class practitioners to prove it. 

 But this is no complacent sharing of success stories: we all believe that there is a huge way to go. 

The issue is – is progress possible? And where great work is happening, what is making this come into reality?

 We will be creating a space for sharing, exploring and creating. We'll be bringing together people from many arenas – from business, academia and activists, and working together to understand what is happening in the best organisations.

We will also be creating together a sense of what is making progress possible in these organisations and will be working on a practical agenda for action that everyone at the workshop can use to catalyse and support action in their own activities ….

 The programme is on this link – Business for Good 2015

 Great provocations, excellent practice, brilliant peer group and network.

It's not a "course" - it's a LabSpace, where we'll be exploring and creating together ... 

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