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Artist in residence – Edward Campbell

It was incredible synchronicity that brought me to the College. I was looking for somewhere near Totnes on a whim and when a flat came up to rent nearby I saw Schumacher College on the map. Looking it up and realising it was everything I love I signed up for the course ‘Soul in Nature’ and have been here ever since. It’s amazing the way it’s all happened.

So now I rather remarkably find myself the Artist in residence at Schumacher College. I have been a professional artist for 10 years now, with work in various exhibitions around the country as well a number of full shows myself.

I’m still coming to terms with the good fortune of the chance to paint and teach at the college for which I’m immensely grateful. It’s a very enriching, inspiring place to be and much of the subject matter is what I’ve loved and been interested in for a long time, especially a deep connection to the natural world.

I’ve currently been painting some forest scenes for the college with the idea of connecting more what’s outside to what’s inside. This has always been an intention of mine.

Evening classes have also begun to develop on more of a spontaneous basis due to the number of students voicing interest! These are basically an opportunity for students to come and express themselves artistically in any way they please with guidance whenever it is required. It’s a real joy to have the chance to help ideas develop and I very much intend to do much more teaching in the coming while.