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Artisan Bread Making Is Back

Since our over-subscribed  bread course earlier this year,  Voirrey and I have been eagerly waiting for another chance to share the art of artisan bread baking with a second group of Craft Revolutionaries! Now two weeks away, we’re focussing on how we can make the experience even better.  We’ve got hold of 10 small tins from Andrew Whitley for the Borodinsky rye bread so it bakes more quickly and more evenly. We’re also taking advantage of using the Postern kitchen to plan in a visit to the local Almond Thief bakery while our slow bread is rising.  This will allow our breadmakers to get a feel for how a small artisan bakery works and get the chance to pick the brains of an experienced sourdough practitioner.  

Our workshop will also be an opportunity to pick Voirrey’s brains further on the minutiae of bread science – she’s been gathering knowledge like a rolling stone gathers moss, having attended 3 bread conferences in the last 9 months.

Our workshop starts at 10.00 and finishes at 5.30.  You’ll go home with 2-3 loaves of warm and tempting bread and a pot of sourdough starter to smooth your way into the rhythmic ebb and flow of a home baker’s life.  This course is suitable for beginners and also for those who want to re-kindle a passion for breadbaking  with other enthusiasts, and share their own experience.  Lunch and refreshments provided.

Artisan Bread Making
Saturday 18th June, 10am to 5.30pm

Higher Close Kitchen, Dartington
£60 including morning tea and lunch
Course includes sourdough making recipes and all the bread you make on the day

Discover the magic art of fermenting dough to produce naturally leavened breads of outstanding beauty and flavour. Learn the characters of different flours, the techniques of kneading, folding, proving, timing and baking, and how to manage your own yeast culture.

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