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Agrarian renaissance: scope for a million new jobs by Colin Tudge

Everyone could be fed to the highest standards and most countries (certainly Britain) could be self-reliant in food. We just need Agroecology:

To conceive agriculture as a whole as an exercise in ecology
To design each individual farm as an ecosystem

For this we need mixed, low input agriculture – many different crops and animals raised in synergy and as far as possible organically.

Such farms are complex – and so they must be skills-intensive: a great many highly-skilled hands-on farmers, on small-to-medium sized farms. Indeed, for Britain to farm along agroecological lines we need about 10 times as many farmers as we now have – at least a million more. And to take the mixed produce from the host of small farms we need small local markets rather than supermarkets – scope, perhaps, for another million workers.

Most people in high places – including governments, corporates, and the big banks – hate this idea because, they claim, more labour will put up the cost of food. But small mixed farms with local markets will cut out the middle-men – who now take about 80 % of all that we spend on food. The shorter the food chain, the lower the price. So farms run on agroecological lines with corresponding markets provide good jobs – millions of them – while feeding us well and keeping the world in good heart. Agroecology is win-win!

So why don’t you seize this opportunity? If you don’t fancy farming full-time, be a part part-timer (and enjoy the best of all worlds)!

We can’t turn you into a farmer in a five-day course but we can show you what’s entailed and set you on the right track.

So we look forward to seeing you in May!

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