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Schumacher – a 21st Century Druid College?

Vera Strachan – wife to William Elmhirst and daughter-in-law to Dorothy and Leonard – once had a vision that Dartington was once a Druid college. A crazy notion - and yet Dr Andy Letcher finds himself beguiled by the idea...

Life in Belgium as a 'Schumacher Sprout'

"Two years ago, we came back to Belgium from the Schumacher College, transformed and eager to share our experience with others - so we created the Schumacher Sprouts."
Colums' faithful dog, Connie

Meet our Head Gardener and horticulture specialist Colum Pawson

Q&A with Schumacher College's brilliant head gardener and lead facilitator for a new online gardening course
Nightingale. Image: Ebirds

After the Virus by Stephan Harding

Stephan Harding, who oversees our MSc in Holistic Science, explores whether a a Gaian paradise is possible in a post-coronavirus world.
Dartington Gardens in mist

Audio Diary: Dawn Meditation with Dr Andy Letcher

In this audio diary, Dr Andy Letcher, programme lead for the MA Engaged Ecology at Schumacher College, steps out into his garden on the Dartington estate to meditate on the meaning of the dawn across cultures.

Earth Jurisprudence - Law for an Animate Earth by Carlotta Byrne

We need laws to protect the rights of all life on earth, all of whom have inherent rights to exist, thrive and evolve, argues Carlotta Byrne from the Gaia Foundation.

Local Resilience in a Time of Crisis by Jay Tompt.

This is not the time for panic says Jay Tompt. This crisis is showing us how we can adapt and survive - if we work together.
sitting on a windowsill

Gaia and the coronavirus by Stephan Harding

Despite floods, melting ice, droughts and fires, we have not changed the way we live. It this pandemic Mother nature's way of trying to make listen?
jonathan dawson

Building a new economy with head, heart and hands: Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson marvels at the range of work now being carried out by graduates from the economics programme at Schumacher College.

Daring to look beyond growth by Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson argues that its time to place the well-being of people ahead of economic growth.