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Earth Jurisprudence - Law for an Animate Earth by Carlotta Byrne

We need laws to protect the rights of all life on earth, all of whom have inherent rights to exist, thrive and evolve, argues Carlotta Byrne from the Gaia Foundation.

Local Resilience in a Time of Crisis by Jay Tompt.

This is not the time for panic says Jay Tompt. This crisis is showing us how we can adapt and survive - if we work together.
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Gaia and the coronavirus by Stephan Harding

Despite floods, melting ice, droughts and fires, we have not changed the way we live. It this pandemic Mother nature's way of trying to make listen?
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Building a new economy with head, heart and hands: Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson marvels at the range of work now being carried out by graduates from the economics programme at Schumacher College.

Daring to look beyond growth by Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson argues that its time to place the well-being of people ahead of economic growth.
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How can we understand Deep Ecology?

Deep Ecology Fellow Stephan Harding recalls a special and memorable walk with philosopher, activist and teacher, Per Ingvar Haukeland.
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Dr Andy Letcher: How can engaged ecology help us?

It is only by examining our relationship with place that we can begin to try and tackle the many challenges facing us in the 21st century and beyond.
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Is the word sustainability still meaningful? by Dr Pavel Cenkl

Head of Schumacher College Dr Pavel Cenkl questions whether we can still use a word like 'sustainability' when it is being increasingly misused - often for commercial gain.

Breaking New Ground by Stephan Harding

Finding unexpected beauty can bring great pleasure but sometimes it can bring with it a greater insight.

Could Brexit provide an opportunity to re-imagine our food sytems?

Leaving the European Union may present many challenges but it could it also bring opportunities to re-think out-dated food systems?