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Who comes?

one of our studentsA Global Community

People aged from 18 to 90 come to the College from all over the world to participate in our programmes, courses and vocational trainings.  Since 1991 when the College was founded, thousands of people have studied here and remain members of our global alumni.

Most people come with a clear recognition that a pivotal moment has arrived in which we urgently need to enact more sustainable lifestyles and positive human relationships. They have broad areas of personal interest and expertise gathered from the field or academia. Many are very active in the world and are working for more resilient, equitable, sustainable and creative social and economic systems. Many feel that they are alone in this work and are looking for a broader community for support, co-creation and inspiration. This is what Schumacher College can provide.

There are people who feel that they are at a transition moment in their work and lives and are looking for some free-space in which to consider their next move. They often find that although they have come looking for a way to contribute to an outer transition in the world, they experience a deep personal transition or transformation here. Many people come simply for a break or a retreat - to taste our world-renowned food and to feel part of a learning community. All are welcome - many return on a regular basis. 

There are between 10 and 30 participants on one or more short courses at the College at any one time and between 15 to 30 postgraduate students. We also have apprentices and volunteers or helpers who come to the college to support staff, participants and students and enjoy a period of reflection or study themselves. There is a small team of about 20 staff and academic faculty, many working on a part-time basis in addition to visiting teachers, contributors and facilitators.