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What people say about Schumacher College

"My experience at Schumacher College was really challenging and inspiring. It helped me become more deeply rooted in my commitment to developing sustainable cities. I recommend professionals spend time at Schumacher College as I know it is a place where future leaders are developed." Peter Head, Director of Arup

“This course has gone beyond my expectations. I have absorbed lots, been moved and touched deeply and had the opportunity for much discussion which transformed the learning  to life changing stuff.”


“The calibre of the teaching was excellent, all the staff were good and kind, the food fantastic and my fellow students a joy to meet.”

“An excellent balance between theory and practice, learning, living and doing.”

“The college offers something very unique and valuable to the rest of the world and does it with the right mix of knowledge, dedication, respect and humour."

some of the lovely food prepared at teh college


“I will integrate ideas from my stay at Schumacher into my work as an educator.”

“Using learning from this course I will design a curriculum to teach Holistic Economics at my institution.”

“I can see, back within my working environment, how worthwhile the course has been for me. I think differently about my role in work and in the organisation. I have begun to use course material directly in work and meetings."

“I left Schumacher with the certainty that I had experienced more than a course. I made a journey within myself. Schumacher College was the living proof that a more sustainable and conscious living is possible, not only in the future, but here and now.”