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Staff and Faculty

Dr Pavel Cenkl

Head of College

Pavel has worked for more than two decades in higher education in America and has always been drawn to colleges and universities whose curriculum fully integrates learning with practice and thinking with embodiment. For nearly 15 years he served as Dean at Vermont’s Sterling College. As well as extensive published work, Pavel continues to pursue research in ecologically-minded curriculum design and teach courses in environmental philosophy. Pavel is also a passionate endurance and adventure runner and has covered hundreds of miles in the Arctic and subarctic in order to bring attention to the connections between our bodies and the more-than-human world in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

Andrea Kuhn

Communications Coordinator

Andrea began her career in televison production, then trained as journalist and spent 15 years as a reporter and specialist writer in radio and newspapers, both regionally and nationally.  She worked for a variety of organisations including the BBC and ITN, The Western Morning News and The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, Australia. 

Annie Adams

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Annie began working at Schumacher College in 2014. She is responsible for both short course and postgraduate course marketing.

Colin Searls

Portfolio Development Co-ordinator for Dartington Learning

Colin is the former Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Plymouth and is currently working on developing the portfolio of academic programmes at Schumacher College and within the wider Dartington Learning.
Colin is also Chair of Trustees at Inspiring Schools Partnership, a multi-academy trust, based in Devon.

Colum Pawson

Horticulture Teacher and Deputy Head Gardener

Colum assists in the planning and management of the growing areas around Schumacher College and teaching our horticulture students.  He also advises on the care of our chickens and Indian runner ducks.

Dr Andy Letcher

Programme Coordinator and Senior Lecturer, Environmental Humanities

Dr Andy Letcher is writer, performer and scholar of religion who began life as an ecologist, completing his D.Phil in Ecology at Oxford University. After a spell as an environmental activist during the 90s, especially during the anti-roads protests, he moved across to the humanities, completing a PhD at King Alfred’s College Winchester. He is an expert on contemporary alternative spiritualities, especially modern Paganism, neo-shamanism and psychedelic spiritualities.

Dr Mona Nasseri

Senior Lecturer - MA Ecological Design Thinking

Mona has a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Design from the University of Dundee and BA in Crafts from the Tehran Art University.

Dr Stephan Harding

Deep Ecology Fellow

Stephan oversees the MSc in Holistic Science, teaching on the core models and as part of several of the short courses at the College

Dr Tracey Warr

Head of Dartington Learning Programmes and Research

Tracey is an art historian and writer.  She has written a number of books of both historical and future fiction which include Conquest Trilogy and she has written extensively around art and ecology. She works as Head of Programmes and Research for Dartington Hall Trust.

Elizabeth Webber

Community Learning and Integration Coordinator

Elizabeth came to the College after a career in International Development specialising in participatory programme learning and accountability. She facilitates embodied learning and power analysis and has helped organisations tell stories of change relating to violence against women, freedom of expression for artists and gender equality in education. She has a degree in Classics and English from Oxford University, an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development from SOAS and is a qualified and experienced teacher and facilitator.

Ella Sparks

Agroforestry Nursery Coordinator

Ella graduated from the College’s sustainable horticulture residency and then spent a year as an intern before taking up her current role.
Her undergraduate degree was in veterinary science but she didn't pursue it, in part because of her concerns around the treatment of animals in the intensive farming system.  While finishing her degree she studied with Shift Bristol, which provides practical training in a variety of elements around sustainability including permaculture and horticulture.

Elsie Curtis

Campus Coordinator

Before arriving at Schumacher College Elsie worked at Dame Hannah Rogers Trust as a Conference and Events Manager, organising and running anything from weddings and business conferences, to beer and music festivals and Christmas Fairs.
She then moved to the role of Social Enterprise Manager, where she supported and managed the Trust’s five Social Enterprises, working in partnership with other local charities and local schools to raise awareness of disability.

Jane Gleeson

Programme Coordinator and Lead Gardener

Jane graduated in Medical Sciences at Cambridge University in 1990 and spent over ten years working in the NHS mostly within the field of mental health. She also studied theology, looking at religion and mental health. 15 years ago she started gardening and soon was completely hooked.

Jonathan Dawson

Programme Coordinator and Senior Lecturer – MA Economics For Transition

Jonathan is a sustainability educator and a former President of the Global Ecovillage Network, He has around 20 years experience as a researcher, author, consultant and project manager in the field of small enterprise development in Africa and South Asia and before joining the College he was a long-term resident at the Findhorn ecovillage.

Julia Ponsonby

Head of Food

Julia has helped create Schumacher College's reputation for first class vegetarian food, so loved by staff and students alike. A chef and writer she has produced a number of cookery books which include the award winning Gaia's Kitchen as well as Gaia's Feasts and The Art of Mindful Baking.

Lou Rainbow

Craft Learning Programme Manager

Lou began her career as a published and recorded writer, working on radio and touring as a performer, sketch writer and poet. Since then she has clocked up over fifteen years experience working in the arts sector and has worked in publishing and book selling, marketing and arts development.

Pat Edwards

Campus Manager

Patrick joined Schumacher College in 2015 and looks after the facilities on site including our accommodation.  He began his career working in environmental analysis before moving on to various operational roles in financial services, IT and hospitality. He has travelled extensively, including living and working in the USA and Middle East.

Professor Roberto Fraquelli

Programme Coordinator and Senior Lecturer MA Ecological Design Thinking

With over 20 years of professional practice working with IDEO Roberto has designed products, environments and experiences for clients including PRADA, Shell, Procter & Gamble, BBC, LEGO and LGE. He holds a number of international design awards and his work has been featured in Domus, Business Week, Design Week, The Observer, NewDesign, and he has appeared on BBC Innovation Nation programme. His current research interest on Holistic design focus on 4 interrelated themes.

Ruth Rae

Vegetarian Chef

Ruth plays a key role in creating the diverse and wonderful dishes served up in the Schumacher kitchen and helping manage the willing volunteer workforce.  "I have always enjoyed cooking, eating, experimenting and sharing food and it is a joy to find a place and people to share this with."

Sarah Bayley

Vegetarian Chef

With a background that spans both the conventional and alternative worlds, and being an avid ‘people watcher’ with a great (and somewhat irreverent) sense of humour, Sarah is well suited to enjoy the key role she occupies in the Schumacher College kitchen.

Satish Kumar

Visiting Fellow

Satish was the originator and cofounder of Schumacher College, served as its program director from 1991 to 2010, and was also the primary fundraiser during that time. He is currently a visiting fellow.

Valerie Lancaster

Office Manager

Valerie brings her breadth of experience to the College as our Community Coordinator where she supports the Head of College in the smooth running of the community.