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Sarah Bayley

Vegetarian Chef

With a background that spans both the conventional and alternative worlds, and being an avid ‘people watcher’ with a great (and somewhat irreverent) sense of humour, Sarah is well suited to enjoy the key role she occupies in the Schumacher College kitchen. She grew up and spent her early adulthood in suburban Surrey. As a teenager she became a speed walking champion. Having parted with a boyfriend who looked like James Bond but wouldn’t let her cook so much as an omelette, Sarah found and married solar engineer Dan Bayley whom she moved down to Devon where Sarah was at last able to realise her love not only of animals and gardening but of cooking. She discovered the great power of food for nurturing people and with her culinary skills flourishing she soon took on the role of catering manager for the Grimstone Community. Together with Dan, Sarah founded a vegetarian catering business ‘Veggie Heaven’ and began to be a regular provider at festivals up and down the country. Sarah and Dan enjoy the company of their young son who has introduced them to the delights of Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine. They also continue to foster greyhounds and are active members of the Transition Streets initiative.

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