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Rosalind J. Turner


Since completing her post graduate diploma in humanistic psychology entitled ‘Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching’ in July 2008, Rosalind has worked with a range of groups. Interested in designing processes to help participants get the most out of a learning experience, Rosalind aims to lead with authenticity and integrity, qualities that are at the core of her work.

She says: “Working at Schumacher College as a facilitator has given me the opportunity to bring together many of my skills and interests. An eclectic fusion of several years of events management, arts education, interest and training in personal & professional development, and a love of the natural environment. Invited by Satish to facilitate his first Earth Pilgrim course, I was new to the college then and I was, and continue to be, completely impressed by this extraordinary institution. In my own work, I have discovered through a combination of practice, experience, and experiment, that in order to really move forward effectively, we often need to step back, pause, reflect, and learn to look from a different perspective. Grounded in an ecological and holistic worldview the college ethos of transformative learning dovetails beautifully with my own beliefs. Indeed, it is through my association with the college I have deepened my own thinking and awareness, leading me to continue to refine and develop my work to fully encompass a more holistic and ecological approach.” See rosalindjturner.co.uk