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Richenda Macgregor


Richenda is an Artist working in the field of Art and Ecology. She originally trained as a production potter and glassmaker and spent ten years working professionally as a Maker, Teacher and Trainer – facilitating the transformative process of making pots and glassware, and the parallel process of supporting people to empower and transform themselves. Having learnt the effectiveness of holding space in this way, using skill and the environment to allow for deep process work to happen within individuals and groups, she now works to facilitate a transformative way of being in the world. One in which each individual finds a stronger connection to the natural world and their community. Each course and workshop is designed with intent and tailored to the group or individual she works with. Alongside this work she also continues her practice as an Artist and Maker and has a studio just outside Totnes exhibiting work in various galleries across the southwest. Visit: www.pottingshedworkshop.com

"The Schumacher philosophy embraces many of the values I adhere to and hold dear. Working as a facilitator allows me to bring together and use all the skills that I have learnt as a Teacher, Artist and Facilitator. At the same time my own understanding is expanded and nourished."