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Richenda Macgregor


Richenda Macgregor is the creative director of studio 45.  A potter for 25 years, she also spent several years running a teaching centre for ceramics.  Richenda is passionate about Making and passionate about ceramics in general.  Constantly learning, this quality of engagement is reflected in her enthusiasm and thorough teaching style.  She has successfully trained 4 apprentices over recent years and teaches and facilitates at Schumacher College.  Studio 45 is the culmination of a long held vision finally coming to fruition.  Richenda lives in Dartington with her partner Andrew and makes porcelain thrown ware in the ‘shed’ at the bottom of the garden.

“It is important for us to begin to investigate our heritage and to discover or rediscover the materials that are left unused on our doorstep.  So much of the raw materials Artists and Craftspeople use has travelled unnecessarily or has been mined in atrocious working conditions.  We re-empower ourselves when we change our working practice to include local materials harvested sustainably and begin to produce work indigenous to the environment and place we live