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Patricia Shaw

Visiting Professor and Convenor of the Schumacher Worldwide Research in Action Community – PhD Programme

Patricia currently convenes the recently inaugurated doctoral track within the Schumacher Worldwide Community for Researchin Action. She has been a Visiting Fellow at the college for many years, contributing as a teacher and critical friend and supporting alumni in their projects around the world.

Her own doctorate was in the impact of complexity thinking on the field of organisation development. She helped to found an international research centre for complexity and management at the University of Hertfordshire Business School where she is still a Visiting Professor. This research group is now 15 years old and has produced two major book series with Routledge, which she has helped to edit. In addition she has worked as a consultant with corporations, communities, public organisations educational centres and voluntary projects in many different parts of the world, encouraging people to awaken to a livelier sense of reflexive inquiry into what they were doing together, how and why and with what consequences. She brings a cross disciplinary approach to her work – collaborating with dancers, theatre groups, artists, activists, cooks and mayors ( to name a few) to bring a rounded experience to the way we understand everyday human enterprise.