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Mar Michelle Häusler

Schumacher Network Community Facilitator

Mar is very excited to be facilitating the launch of the Schumacher Network as the "Community Facilitator". Her role involves online as well as offline community engagement with Schumacher College, alumni, crowd-funders and other contributing and engaged users.
She will also take care of the Schumacher Network websites analytics, give online support and facilitate online sessions - most importantly empowering the community to take the lead and find its own rhythm.

Mar Michelle Hausler studied Economics BSc and embarked on a career as a financial trader in London.  After a highly successful career working for prestigious investment banks, she became disillusioned with the system and left to explore her spiritual path full time.  In 2016 she graduated from Schumacher College with a Masters in Economics for Transition.  This allowed her to integrate her past experience as a trader and her dreams for a new way of living life. Since she has been working with various different projects, such as creating a community currency in Brazil and giving talks and facilitating workshops on new economics. She is passionate about group facilitation and working with people to transition from a prescribed way of living and working for money, to a holistic life where money serves to create abundance through aligning with ones life purpose.​

Email: Mar.Hausler@schumachercollege.org.uk  or community@schumachercollege.org.uk