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Juliana Schneider


Juliana was a resident at the College for two years – first as a student on the Holistic Science MSc (2011-12), then she took on a facilitative role for the postgraduate students (2012-13) and since then she has been a facilitator for numerous short courses at the College. In Brazil, her home country, she plays a bridge role for the College’s participation in different initiatives as well as a catalytic role amongst Schumacher alumni. She has also been dedicated to teaching, facilitating, and running courses, in both organisational and educational settings, focusing on the insights of the Complexity Science and the different ways of teaching/learning that permeate the ethos of the College.

“For me Schumacher College is a place of inquiry and reflection, of meaningful conversations and of being in community. It offers both a simultaneous process of learning and unlearning, a time to breathe, a space where the recognition of new ways, until then unseen, become possible to thread – a whole new way of living!”