You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about aspects of a particular course or College activity. If you have a question about our postgraduate courses, you can email the postgraduate administration team on postgradadmin@schumachercollege.org.uk. For questions about short courses, email shortcourseadmin@schumachercolleg.org.uk

If you have a question regarding our short courses, you can email shortcourseadmin@schumachercollege.org.uk. However, there may be an answer to your question in the list below so please double check before contacting us.

I’d like to be a volunteer helper at the College – what do I do?

The College hosts a small residential volunteer team with a twin focus of taking care of our learners and the learning environment while developing volunteers’ own enquiries relating to the values and aims of the College.  Volunteers work alongside Facilities and Kitchen staff to take care of participants through the provision of sound, clean accommodation and good food.

As the College increases the proportion of food grown on site, volunteers assist the Kitchen and Garden teams with food preservation and storage, growing, harvesting and pasteurising. We encourage volunteers to be active participants in the learning community and to take opportunities to attend course sessions, talks and other activities that are open to the learning community.

The voluntary role here at the College is highly valued. It is physically demanding. Gardening is involved as well as moving of heavy objects. If you feel you may have any issues in performing any tasks or wish to discuss this in confidence please email Elizabeth. Volunteer placements are for a minimum of one month and preference is given to people who are able to commit to 3 months. You will be rota-ed for 27 hours a week, inclusive of team meetings, in exchange for food and accommodation.

Please email judy.allen@schumachercollege.org.uk


Can I work for the College in exchange for fees?

We do not have a policy of trading extra work for course fees. Routine work is shared by staff, course participants and volunteers who have already attended at least one course at the College and shown that they have the appropriate skills for such a role. We do have a limited amount of bursary support for people who are genuinely unable to afford our full fees, and some scholarship awards for certain nationalities and professional groups. 

Can you recommend a local Bed and Breakfast?

Many of the local B&Bs, hotels, inns and campgrounds can be found online by visiting the Visit Totnes website. Additionally AirBnB also will have local listings.

How do I get postgraduate credits for a short course and where can I use them?

Students may be able to take between 1-3 Postgraduate electives offered between January-April each year for Level 7 credits. Those students interested in taking an elective for credits towards a current course of study should e-mail postgradadmin@schumachercollege.org.uk to discuss further and to be guided through the application process.

Can my family come and stay whilst I am at the College?

As a Higher Education provider, running both postgraduate programmes and short courses, our accommodation is very limited. The college is not able to accommodate family members in the college.  The nature of our short course programmes tend to be intensive and creative and we recommend that participants focus on their course in order to benefit as much as possible from their time here. Students entering the UK on a Tier 4 visa will not be able to bring dependents to the UK whilst studying at the College. Many of the local B&Bs, hotels, inns and campgrounds can be found online by visiting the Visit Totnes website. Additionally AirBnB also will have local listings.

Why do your courses cost what they do?

Course fees include simple, private accommodation, freshly prepared vegetarian meals, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions unless otherwise stated. As a small independent college, Schumacher has a challenge to meet the costs of the very special and unique learning experiences we offer. Whilst we want to be accessible to as many students as possibile, we must set fees that reflect these costs.

Our bursary and scholarship fund is designed to support a wide cross section of participation on our short courses and postgraduate programmes.  The college tries to ensure financial assistance goes to those most in need and is shared amongst as many applicants as possible. 

Where can I get funding to come on Schumacher College courses?

The college has a limited bursary and scholarship fund for those most need in need of financial assistance for course fees.  You can find out more about that here.

For all applicants, there are directories of grant-making bodies available in public libraries in many countries. Although the British Council can’t usually assist with course fees, the office in your country may have information about grant-giving or educational trusts which you could apply to. Sometimes their web pages also give this information.  We also recommend you read the Alternative Guide to Funding.

Can I extend my stay at Schumacher College, before or after a course?

If you are here for a short course it is not possible as your accommodation is only booked for the duration of the course, ie Monday to Friday lunchtime.  If you plan to arrive earlier or later than the course dates, we recommending looking for local B&Bs, hotels, inns and campgrounds by visiting the Visit Totnes website. Additionally AirBnB also will have local listings.

If you are here as part of a postgraduate programme college accomodation is available for the first two terms of your course.  Students wishing to stay on campus for a third term, during their dissertation period, will be able to do so only if accomodation is available.  There is plenty of accomodation available in the surrounding area.




How long has Schumacher College been around?

Our first course, on Gaia Theory, led by James Lovelock, started on 14th January 1991.

When you say “participants from all over the world” what really do you mean?

We are proud of our international reputation welcoming students and teachers from almost 90 countries.  We feel the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from all over the world is integral to the experience of studying here.lege have to pass their IEALTS test to meet entry requirements for our postgraduate programme. 

How can I keep in touch with events at Schumacher College?

The best way to find out about them is to join our monthly newsletter from the sign-up bar at the top of this page.

Can I hire the facilities at Schumacher College?

During times when the College knows in advance it will have unused rooms, it is possible for outside groups to hire part of our facilities. Visiting groups are able to use at least one of the College teaching spaces, have access to the library and AV facilities, and use of the grounds and gardens. We can also provide teachers and facilitators and arrange bespoke courses, events and conferences. Click here to find out more