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Evelyn Roe

Evelyn Roe

Evelyn lives in Scotland and explores her place as an ethnobotanist, researching plant lore in the Highlands and Islands. In parallel with this, she’s writing a book which traces the herbal work of a former Schumacher College student, the late Frank Cook, on his journeys in southern Africa where Evelyn lived for 20 years. From her Masters course in Holistic Science in 2012-13, she has begun to use Goethe’s way of science as her practice and to share it with others. She’s a mentor for one of the college’s distance learning courses, and has been a regular facilitator here since early 2014.

Evelyn says:

Land, music and poetry are my favourite languages, and I’ve recently joined the Geopoetics movement, through which they can be expressed together - a way of unifying divided knowledge by placing the Earth at the centre of our experience. This aligns beautifully with the philosophy of Schumacher College.