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Ed Mitchell

Schumacher Network Producer

Ed is delighted to be working with the college and the Schumis on the Schumacher Network as Internet Producer. His focus is to deliver the most suitable platform taking into account the myriad requirements, stakeholders, strategies, expectations and limitations etc. The role of producer is part project management, part user experience and part facilitation, and he loves his work.

He has been working on and around the internet since 1997 and has worked as a producer and community manager and group facilitator in agencies, dot coms, charities and big organisations both on and offline. He was Web and Communications Manager for Transition Network until 2014 when he switched to part time consultancy in order to be at home to share in the thrills of raising a small family. He lives in Dorchester, Dorset and likes to be outside whenever possible.

Email: ed.mitchell@schumachercollege.org.uk