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David Holyoake

David Holyoake

David is a composer originally from Melbourne Australia, and now dividing his time between Brussels and London. He is represented as an Associate Artist with the Australian Music Centre and some of his scores are published by Reed Music.David holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Melbourne as well as qualifications in piano performance and music theory from the Australian Music Examinations Board. He is passionate about art music as deep language, and as a source of spiritual connection or social or personal transformation. His music searches for and makes use of contemporary and new techniques to widen his musical vocabulary, yet he often reacts against the ongoing fashion for atonality and excessive dissonance within contemporary classical music.

David is also one of the few contemporary classical composers interested in contemporary music as activism.
For him, the multiple environmental crises, and the urgent need to find alternatives to the dehumanizing dilemma of endless economic growth should present artists with a social mission and call to arms.
In the mainstream, cotemporary classical music continues to be perceived as elitist at best and irrelevant at worst. Historically, the artistic avantgarde have often been at the forefront of big shifts in society and morality.

We seem to have lost this in our era, and this is a problem. Voluminous psychological studies demonstrates that humans make most decisions NOT on the basis of rational or intellectual thought but according to emotional and unconscious drivers. Music has the ability to engage directly with this black ocean.

Existential issues like climate change demand an emotive cultural response as well as a search for a new aesthetics