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Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker

Caroline worked on development projects in India for eight years before joining the staff of the Small School, Hartland, a pioneering human scale secondary school founded by Satish Kumar, where she cooked lunch with the pupils and taught Humanities and French. After attending a Schumacher course entitled ‘Education for the 21st Century’ in 1996 she re-oriented her approach to teaching to focus on sustainable futures, became head teacher, and studied for a MSc in Environment and Development Education at South Bank University.

Leaving the school in 2001 she worked as a community facilitator in many of the market and coastal towns of Devon, and ran the Torridge Action Group for Sustainability, a small charity promoting local food and renewable energy. She began facilitating at the College in 2003 on the Roots of Learning courses and has returned regularly ever since.

Now retired from full time work, she does some writing, editing and research – currently transcribing a 19th century Devon farmer’s diaries – and volunteers on a local project teaching young people to cook.

“For me facilitation at Schumacher College is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and to work with participants and tutors to create a truly transformative learning experience. it’s different every single time, but always inspiring.”