About Our Short Courses & Workshops

About Our Short Courses & Workshops

For over 25 years we have been delivering one to three-week short courses that have inspired thousands of people to make positive changes in their lives and work.

We bring together the world’s leading thinkers, change-makers and activists, to share their inspiration, their motivation and their practical experience in areas such as deep ecology and holistic science, new economics and sustainable enterprise, agro-ecology and food production, ecological design thinking and much more.

Our approach to education is through the head, heart and hands and we aim to learn through everything we do as part of a living and working community. Our courses are for small groups of 10 to 30 people and they are a truly unique and powerful opportunity for personal transformation and realignment.

Schumacher College Short Course Programme

These short courses are based at our main campus, the Old Postern in the beautiful grounds of Dartington Hall.

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