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The Schumacher Circle

The Schumacher Circle is a collective family of organisations in the UK that have all been inspired, one way or another, by E.F.Schumacher’s vision or involvement and who cooperate informally to support each others work. Dr Schumacher was always encouraging people to see the connections between things, so the Schumacher Circle is a practical expression of this approach. It helps to provide the “joined up thinking” which gives the environmental movement its coherence in promoting sustainable development.

The Schumacher Circle members are:

Schumacher Society (UK) A forum for promoting human scale solutions to the social and environmental problems which face us. Their main focus is educational work, such as the Schumacher lectures and Schumacher briefings.

Resurgence Magazine A bi-monthly magazine of vision and action. Resurgence brings its readers a unique blend of news and views on a range of topics that includes ecology, development, education, health, science and politics, together with art, culture and spirituality.

Green Books A small publishing company whose aim is to inform and inspire the general reader about ecological, spiritual and cultural issues of our time.

Practical Action An international non-governmental organisation which specialises in helping people to use appropriate technology for practical answers to poverty. Lessons from Practical Action’s grassroots experience are spread through consultancy services, publishing activities, education, policy and research.

New Economics Foundation A radical think-tank committed to creating practical and enterprising solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges facing the local, regional, national and global economies.

Soil Association The UK’s leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming. Their aim is to create an informed body of public opinion about the links between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health, and to promote organic agriculture as a sustainable alternative to intensive farming methods.

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) CAT is an educational centre based in North Wales concerned with the search for globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life. They run short courses, a consultancy service, and a quarterly magazine Clean Slate.

New Economics Institute An educational non-profit organization founded in 1980 which initiates practical measures that lead to community revitalization and further the transition toward an economically and ecologically sustainable society.

Jeevika Trust – Jeevika Trust has touched more than 100,000 lives over the last decade and continues to work with people on the margins of rural society – low-caste and tribal people, especially women – to help them build and sustain their individual, family and community livelihoods.

Schumacher Institute – An independent research organisation based in Bristol, UK. They are closely involved in the city, true to the idea of local action, yet they take a global view, leading and participating in projects across many countries.

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