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A review of Avatar

By Stephan Harding

A monologue with wholeness

By Philip Franses, Lecturer in Complexity and Holistic Science
Dedicated to the memory of Brian Goodwin.
If you look at anything carefully, deeply enough, you discover the mystery of interbeing, and once you have seen it you will no longer be subject to fear – fear of birth, or fear of death. Birth and death are only ideas we have in the mind, and these cannot be applied to reality. Thich Nhat Hanh

Nature and Culture Rejoined

Brian Goodwin
Published in Caduceus magazine – September 2006

Schumacher, Gandhi & 21st Century Education

An interview with Satish Kumar
Reprinted from LAPIS magazine, 2001

Spirituality at work

Satish Kumar
Programme Director of Schumacher College and editor of the magazine Resurgence, which explores ecological and spiritual values.

Earth System Science and Gaian Science

Stephan Harding
Earth System Science. Proceedings of the International School on Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of Siena, 2001, 227-233

From Gaia Theory to Deep Ecology

Stephan Harding
Trained as a field ecologist, Stephan Harding collaborates with James Lovelock on Gaian computer modelling.

What is Deep Ecology?

Stephan Harding Through deep experience, deep questioning and deep commitment emerges Deep Ecology.

All for one... One for all

Brian Goodwin
Ants behave with a collective intelligence that can’t be explained by their genes alone, says Brian Goodwin. And he’s built a virtual colony to show the team in action.

Diversity, Health and Creativity

Lessons for Living from New Science
Brian Goodwin
As the 21st Century begins to unfold, we have before us the disturbing spectacle of a world that is unravelling at many of its seams…

From Control to Participation Via a Science of Qualities

Professor Brian Goodwin
When Galileo started the great adventure of modern science with his systematic study of the motion of falling and projected bodies, cylinders rolling down inclined planes, and the movements of the moons of Jupiter, he was guided by a deep insight: natural phenomena can be described by mathematics…

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