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“Our mission is to make Schumacher College courses more accessible. We want our courses to be available to everyone regardless of their financial status or background. We want the brightest and best students from around the world to be able to experience this life changing education…. Imagine that you can help make that change by supporting a student to attend a course that transforms theirs and many others lives…..” Satish Kumar Read the letter in full >>

We need your support in two critical areas of our work

Schumacher College Bursary Fund

By supporting our bursary programme you help to make our courses more inclusive by providing funds to ensure we can provide course places to those who could not otherwise afford it.

Schumacher Network

This is an exciting new initiative that will take our teaching out further, helping us to connect, collaborate and join-up our learning across the world.


We recognise that individuals circumstances vary considerably, all gifts large and small are deeply appreciated.

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“The Schumacher bursary scheme gave me a real opportunity in a place on the Natural Building course which covered such a breadth of information with an inspiring level of integrity. It was quite a unique foundation to take me further into work in this field. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity.”
Heather Scott, Natural Build Certificate 2012

“I wouldn’t have been able to be here if it wasn’t for the scholarship funding, and truly, it’s difficult to express in words the feeling of what it means to me, but the personal growth and experience that I have had in the short time I’ve been here has been really transformational.”
Amrita Bhohi

“I am here to learn magic: the magic for healing myself, healing other people, and healing Nature. Being empowered by my experience here, I wish to spread this magic by promoting holistic education for Nature back in China where people are facing an urgent spiritual, environmental and social crisis, and to heal the mind by restoring the Earth.”
Vivian Ling

Learning for all

We want to offer the opportunity to experience this transformative experience to as many people as possible, particularly at this time of economic, ecological and social uncertainty.

Help us provide an equal opportunity to students who are in most need of a bursary.

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Inspired By Schumacher College: A Film

This year we have commissioned a fundraising film Inspired by Schumacher College watch this short video and meet some of the people who have also been empowered and inspired by their experiences at Schumacher College.

Fundraising Events 2014

A Think Tank for Hope – Fundraising Event in London, Thursday | 17 July, 6pm-8pm

Schumacher College invites you to the Impact Hub in Kings Cross, London, to hear about the future of Schumacher College, its people and place. We will share our plans to develop a second campus at Dartington, build our bursary fund, and develop Schumacher Worldwide – our network to deepen the impact of alumni and partners.

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Are you a Schumacher College Change-Maker?

Did your time at Schumacher College inspire you and change the way you live, think and work?

If so, we would love you to be part of the Schumacher College Change-Makers page, which feature many of the students from around the world who have come to the College and gone on to do wonderful things with their learning.

All you need to do is contact Lou Rainbow to take part in a short online interview and provide a recent picture of yourself!

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