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Writing from the Core of the Earth

3-7 June 2013

With Stephanie Mills

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A literary expedition for diarists, poets, earth-activists, word-gardeners, novelists – and those who are about to put pen to paper

Our words will spring from a process of listening to Earth-born energies, our experiences/memories of land cultures, the creation of family-clans for support and inspiration, and the work of our favorite indigenous-nature-Romantic writers.

When you depart from Schumacher College, you will carry with you tools for writing from-for-to the natural world and a fresh piece of work.

We will forego corporate implements and return to paper and pencil. Be prepared to leave behind your internet-connecting flash drives and “smart” technologies.

Bring a pen/pencil and notebook, a short passage from a nature writer you admire – and a state of wonder.

“There is no more thoughtful, observant, insightful, uplifting, and elegant writer tin the English language than Stephanie Mills. Whether she is speaking of intricacies in nature, her personal travels and experiences, or the difficulties of the human/political condition, she lets the world in whole, brings forth meanings that are always unique, keen, deft, and often very funny. She is a classicist as a writer, an activist in spirit, ready to confront the juggernaut with considerable ferocity. Tough Little Beauties rewards the reader with insight into the difficulties we face as well as joy at the glory of it all.” Jerry Mander, author of In the Absence of the Sacred and Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Stpehanie Mills

Stephanie Mills has been speaking, editing, writing, and organizing for ecology and social change since 1969. She has produced seven books, including Epicurean Simplicity, Tough Little Beauties, and the recently released On Gandhi’s Path: Bob Swann’s Work for Peace and Community Economics. A longtime bioregionalist and veteran of the Whole Earth publications, Stephanie Mills has written scores of essays and articles appearing in publications from Orion Magazine to The Britannica Book of the Year, as well as in numerous anthologies.

Active in her community, Mills helped launch a local currency in northwest Lower Michigan, where she has lived since 1984. Featured in the PBS documentary EarthDays, Stephanie Mills holds an honorary doctorate from her alma mater and is a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.

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