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Study at Schumacher College from wherever you are.

Our World-Wide-Learning programme reaches out around the globe with the intention to make Schumacher College’s unique learning programmes more accessible, more affordable, more ecological and more flexible.

Our world-wide learning courses integrate cutting edge interactive e-learning technology with facilitated residential intensives to integrate both a high academic standard and deep experience learning.

In October 2012 we began a course in Colombia and are in the early stages of planning extensions of this program to other regions. These courses will be a combination of facilitated residential intensives in the host country as well as interactive web based learning.

These courses will complement the already popular course we run from the UK using the same model of residential plus web based learning – Cultivating an Ecoliterate Worldview.

“The task of education should be, first and foremost, the transmission of ideas of value, of what to do with our lives.” E.F. Schumacher

World-Wide course programme 2013/14

Certificate in Holistic Science and Economics for Transition - Colombia 2013

A new Schumacher College Course that blends together online learning with residential weekends in Colombia. This course brings together elements of the College’s highly regarded postgraduate courses in Holistic Science and Economics for Transition and will allow you to explore these issues within a deeply transformative educational experience. Course Dates: Sept 2013 – March 2014

Help us evolve

Reaching our arms so far around the globe is a new and exciting venture for us. We are aware that much of the magic and unique transformational experiences that happen at Schumacher is linked to the intimate and beautiful atmosphere provided by the Old Postern building, which has been the home of the college since it was founded. However, the limited size of the Postern, as well as the cost and ecological impact of long distance travel, means that the experience of attending a course here remains limited to only a relatively small number of people. Our world-wide learning programmes are our gesture of reaching out to more people within their communities, while not sacrificing the uniqueness and magic of what makes Schumacher College. We do not believe that this magic is restricted to a specific location or building, but it lives in the global community of Schumacher Alumni and all those who share a love and appreciation for life.
This is why we would like your help with our new venture.
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For enquiries relating to our world-wide-learning courses please email:

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