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Business for Good - What is the edge now?

Is progress possible? Great provocations and excellent practice

Tagore, Ecology and the Self - Stephan Harding

Stephan Harding writes about Rabindranath Tagore and the importance of his work in understanding our rightful place within the world of nature.

The Creative Relation of Whole and Part

Philip Franses encapsulates in a simple way the essence of what Holistic Science for him is about, not always an easy thing to articulate, and also inquires into some of its implications for the relation of science and faith.

A book review by Rob Hopkins: 'Everything Gardens' by Luigi Russi.

Transition Networks Rob Hopkins reviews book written by past Economics For Transition student Luigi Russi

The Dark Side of the Garden

To garden well requires strength of heart. To nourish the necessary connection, meeting engagement and intimacy with the world that allows us to care and motivates us to practice good horticulture we need a clarity of vision that eschews overly romantic notions of the ‘goodness’ of nature and allows an honesty of interaction.

Thomas Berry on Matthew Fox

Thomas Berry cultural historian and ecotheologian, writes about Matthew Fox who teaches here on the forthcoming course Eco-Spirituality, Creation Spirituality: Exploring Eco-Mystics and Becoming Eco-Warriors

Beware the blight!

Jane Gleeson Head Gardener at the College writes about the trials and tribulations of potato blight.

How Are We To Respond?

Tim Crabtree, Senior Lecturer in Economics for Transition, writes about the inherent volaiility of the global financial system and how best to respond to the growing economic, social and ecological crisis.

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Austerity appears to be incubating and fast-tracking the economic transition of the Greek economy