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Agroecology |  Miguel Altieri | Clara Nicholls

Agroecology: A Week with Miguel Altieri & Clara Nicholls

Richard Widdows writes about our recent short course on Agroecology taught by Miguel Altieri and Clara Nicholls, two of the field’s most senior and respected scientists.
Earth Pilgrim - Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar Documentary Project

Documentary Series Featuring Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar at Schumacher College

Prince's School of Traditional Arts Welcomes Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar joins lecture series at Prince's School of Traditional Arts

Gratitude Prevails For The Rain

It's raining in the Schumacher College gardens

Buddhist Economics in the Czech Republic - Tim Crabtree

Tim Crabtree lectures in Economics at the College. He writes about Buddhist Economics and a recent course at Masaryk University.

Small country, big dilemma - Satish Kumar

Last year, the College and the GNH Centre in Bhutan launched a year-long joint programme on Right Livelihood. Satish Kumar sees how Bhutan differentiates between livelihood and employment.

Agroecology: A New Story for a New Age

In simple terms we are faced with two choices. The first is to continue our conventional agricultural practices that will ensure agriculture remains a large piece of the climate change problem. The other is begin to explore and implement agroecological practices that can turn agriculture into part of the solution.

News From Brazil : April

This year's Schumacher inspired activities in Brazil have taken many forms. Here's a taste of what is happening...

It's In The Doing with Schumacher's Lead Gardener

Step out into your garden and start seeing and begin doing in response.