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College Blog

Beware the blight!

Jane Gleeson Head Gardener at the College writes about the trials and tribulations of potato blight.

How are we to respond?

Tim Crabtree, Senior Lecturer in Economics for Transition, writes about the inherent volaiility of the global financial system and how best to respond to the growing economic, social and ecological crisis.

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Austerity appears to be incubating and fast-tracking the economic transition of the Greek economy
Chard from Schumacher College Gardens

Green Abundance

Schumacher College's gardens grows a plentiful feast

Ecology and Mindfulness

Tim Crabtree visits Plum Village for a retreat in Ecology and Mindfulness
Right Livelihood Bhutan

My Right Livelihood Experience

Nicole Caran, a past Right Livelihood Participant describes her experiences in Bhutan and Schumacher College

'First Steps to Seeing' a new book by Emma Kidd

Emma Kidd graduated from the MSc in Holistic Science in 2009. She writes about her experience at the College and it's contribution to the creation of her first book 'First Steps to Seeing'

Enterprising Futures 2015 – Making sense of my experience

Denise Curi wites about Enterprising Futures, a three week course for masters students, which explored how new forms of enterprise and finance are emerging to reflect ecological and social concerns.
Braised Artichoke Hearts

Braised Artichoke Hearts - a recipe by Tara Vaughn-Hughes

A delicious artichoke recipe from the Schumacher College Kitchen

Dead Useful Like...

Dead hedges are an ancient practice – often used to fence in livestock or denote field boundaries – they were seen to be a good use of old wood